Programmer's Drinking Song

99 little bugs in the code,
99 bugs in the code,
Fix one bug, compile it again,
101 little bugs in the code.
101 little bugs in the code,
101 bugs in the code,
Fix one bug, compile it again,
103 little bugs in the code.

The Technical Geek Test

Are you a technical geek? You know you are a technical geek when . . .

:* When your friend tells you all about his Cressida V6 and you reply "Yeah, I had V5, and it was full of bugs!"
:* When driving you see a license plate with the letters DSR, and you feel compelled to touch your bumper to the other car to see if you can raise CD.
:* When you are counting objects "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D...".
:* When you lay down in the afternoon for a short rest, end up sleeping 4 hours, and call it a "mega-nap".
:* When your friend is going to Essex for vacation and you tell her, "You really should go for the DX, it has the built in co-processor."
:* When you dream in 256 pallettes of 256 colors.
:* When asked about a bus schedule, you wonder if it is 16 or 32 bits.
:* When you convince yourself that Tetris really does improve eye-hand coordination.
:* When the radio traffic reporter talks about a backup caused by a crash, and you correct her that a backup is good protection in case of a crash.
:* When floppy drive applies more to your love life, and hard drive to your machines.
:* When you call "*.*" star-dot-star.
:* When you can do hexadecimal arithmatic in your head.
:* When your wife goes to the market for some macintosh apples, and you correct her, "No, dear, it's 'Apple Macintosh'."
:* When your wife says "If you don't turn off that stupid machine and come to bed, then I am going to divorce you!", and you chases her for for omitting the ELSE clause.


ephol = home, rumet = away

1st game : ephol win
Man U 0 - 0 Chelsea (Man U win by penalti shootout 5-4)

2nd game : rumet win
Inter Milan 1 - 2 AC Milan

3rd game : ephol win (YAHoooo!!!!)
Spain 4 - 1 Brazil

4th game : rumet win
Man U 2 - 3 Arsenal

5th game : ephol win
Real Madrid 5 - 3 Chelsea

6th game : ephol win (again..????)
Norwich 4 - 1 Inter Milan

7th game : rumet win
Argentina 2 - 4 Brazil

8th game : rumet win (demmit....)
AS Roma 2 - 3 Man U

9th game : ephol win
Checz Rep. 2 - 1 France



Hari ni besday ayen yg ke-3. dah beso dah budak nakal dan cute tuh.

Semalam kitaorg dah buat besday party ayen. tapi cam tahun sebelumnya, ayen mengamuk lagi. agaknya dia malu kot orang nyanyi lagu besday untuk dia. pemalu rupanya anak aku sorang tuh.

Kek kat atas ni ayen yang pilih sendiri. dia kata dia nak kek yg ada power rangers warna merah. bila sampai kedai kek dia minat lak ngan kek ni, so kitaorg amik je la. dah besday dia, biar la dia pilih. pastu boleh letak mainan lak atas kek tuh, ayen nak power rangers merah gak, tapi takde.... at last dia amik powerpuff girl ngan minnie mouse (sbb sama ngan bear dia). siap request tambah kete polis warna merah lagi. takpe laaaaa, setahun sekali.